Zhejiang Qinshan NPP Phase I  DateTime:2011-10-21

Location:Haiyan County of Jiaxing City, Zhejiang province

Type of reactor:CNP300


Construction began:March 20th, 1985

Date of commercial operation:April, 1994

Contractor:China Nuclear Industry 22nd Construction Co., Ltd for civil work;

China Nuclear Industry 23 Construction Co., Ltd for erection


Qinshan NPP is the first pressurized reactor with 300 MWe engineered, constructed and operated by our country, located at Haiyan County, Zhejiang province. It is 100% owned by China National Nuclear Corporation, and Qinshan Nuclear Power Company charges the operation.

The construction of Qianshan NPP was begun on March 20th of 1985 and the operation started on December 15th of 1991. The commissioning of Qinshan NPP ended the history of having no NPP in mainland China, represented the first leap of China’s nuclear industry, and was honored as the “national pride”. The construction of Qinshan NPP also indicated that the Chinese nuclear industry has developed to a new stage, and made us the 7th country which can independently engineer and construct NPP after U.S.A, U.K, France, Former Soviet Union, Canada and Sweden.

The significant milestones of Qinshan NPP: State Council approved 300MWe NPP construction on November 14th of 1981; Haiyan county of Qinshan City, Zhejiang province was selected as the site location in April 1985; the State approved the preliminary plan of expansion for Qinshan NPP on February 24th of 1984; the main construction work was started after the first concreting finished on March 20th of 1985; PRE-OSART of IAEA inspected the Qinshan NPP in April 1989; the primary loop of Qinshan NPP completed the water pressure test of strength in November 1990; the first fueling for reactor was completed on August 8th 1991; the reactor achieved its first criticality on October 31st 1991; Qinshan NPP’s the first connection to National grid was completed on December 15th 1991; the NPP operated at 100% original capacity for the first time in July 1992; the commercial operation of Qinshan NPP began in April 1994; In July 1995, the construction of Qinshan NPP project passed the inspection and was accepted by the State.

During 2002 to 2005, the consecutive operation records for the 6th, 7th and 8th fuel cycle were 331, 443 and 448 days, which are the top three in China. In the WANO evaluation of 2002, Qinshan NPP was rated as the mid level among all the pressurized reactor nuclear power plants in the world.

The Qinshan NPP is operated and managed with the international standards by Qinshan Nuclear Power Company. After fourteen years of safe operation, the Qinshan Nuclear Power Company has achieved the goal presented by Ex-Premier Zhou Enlai “master technology, accumulate experience and foster talents in order to lay foundation for the Chinese nuclear power”.

The engineering and construction of Qinshan 300MWe NPP won the National Distinguished Contribution Award for Progress in Science and Technology; the installation technology for primary loop won the first prize of Technology Progress and Achievement issued by the State Installation Association. The constructors of Qinshan NPP project, CNI22 and CNI23, were also awarded the Luban Prize,which is the highest prize of the Chinese construction industry, in 1995.