China’s 600 MW HTR general scheme pass evaluation

General scheme of China’s 600 MW Pebble-bed Modular HTR nuclear power plant pass experts’ evaluation

Source:NECE Author:Shangguanziying Date:2015-01-14

“Over 12 years of devotion to the industrialization and commercialization of HTR, CNEC has expectation towards HTR.”

——Zu Bin   VP of CNEC

“Design and manufacturing, safety and supervision should work closely together.”

             ——Zhang Zuoyi  Dean of INET, Tsinghua University

January 12th, 2015 is a day to be remembered for those in CNEC and INET Tsinghua University who have been committed to develop HTR over decades. General scheme of 600 MW HTR nuclear power plant officially passed experts’ evaluation. Twelve experts from Chinese Academy of Engineering, National Nuclear Safety Administration, Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center, China Nuclear Energy Association, CNNC etc. attended the evaluation meeting.

 Experts on meeting announced, the studies on the general scheme of 600 MW HTR nuclear power plant is significant and proactive; the general idea of technical scheme regarding module combination based on the verified technology and design of 200 MW demonstration project is on the right track . Experts suggested that CNEC and INET Tsinghua University should keep on optimizing the design of 600 MW HTR to ensure economic performance; both parties should further deepen the research on multi-module control scheme in terms of equipment manufacture, engineering construction, startup and commissioning.

China’s Pebble-bed Modular High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor technology (HTR) is one of sixteen major projects in national science and technology long-term development plan. HTR-PM guarded by China's independent intellectual property rights, with its inherent safety mechanism, higher efficiency, simplified system, broad application is recognized as the advanced nuclear reactor technology with safety features of generation IV nuclear system. Shidao Bay 200 MW HTR-PM demonstration project is undergoing smoothly. The project is expected to be accomplished and connect to national grid by the end of 2017.

The approval of the general scheme of China’s 600 MW Pebble-bed Modular HTR nuclear power plant is undoubtedly a milestone for the commercialization of HTR, which signifies the official initiation of achieving commercialization of 600 MW Pebble-bed Modular HTR nuclear power plant.

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