CNEC signs MOU with NECSA

Source:NECE Author:ShangguanZiying Date:2015-04-28

China’s Nuclear Engineering Group Corporation (CNEC) and South Africa Nuclear Energy Corporation Ltd (Necsa) have agreed to cooperate in projects of High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor (HTR) On April, 21st.

South African Ambassador to China, Mrs. Dolana Msimang attended the Co-operation Signing Ceremony and witnessed MOU signed between CNEC and Necsa. Mrs. Dolana Msimang pointed out, CNEC signed this MOU with Necsa showcases the CNEC’s commitment upon the 5-10 years Strategic Plan on Cooperation Between the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of South Africa 2015-2024 signed in 2014 regarding enhancement of South African economy and revitalization of nuclear industry of South Africa. “This is undoubtedly a significant chapter in the Year of China,” said Mrs. Dolana Msimang, South African Ambassador to China.

The MOU targets projects and initiatives in the localization and development of High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor in South Africa.The firms are aiming to work together towards nuclear construction, ICTC training programs, uranium mining and metallurgy industry.

“We hope to investigate benefits in the collaboration in terms of training on nuclear construction,” said Mr. Phumzile Tshelane, Necsa CEO.

“We hope signing this MOU will bring us more opportunities in cooperation in the future,” said Mr. Gu Jun, president of CNEC.

South African State-owned Necsa is responsible for undertaking and promoting R&D in the field of nuclear energy and radiation sciences. Necsa is also involved in processing source material, including uranium enrichment, and co-operating with other institutions, locally and abroad, on nuclear and related matters.

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