Guangdong Ling’ao NPP  DateTime:2011-10-21

Location:Dapeng town, Longgang district, Shenzhen city, Guangdong province

Type of reactor:M310

Capacity:2×990 MW

Construction began:May 15th of 1997

Date of commercial operation:May 28th of 2002

Contractors: China Nuclear Industry Huaxing Construction Co., Ltd for civil work;

China Nuclear Industry 23 Construction Co., Ltd for installation


Ling’ao NPP is the largest energy project among the basic construction projects during year 1996 to year 2000, and it is the second commercial NPP (the first one is Daya Bay NPP) with two reactor units of 990MWe. The construction work period of Ling’ao NPP was 60 months and the Ling’ao Nuclear Power Co., Ltd, which is an affiliate of China Guangdong Nuclear Group, is in charge of the construction and operation work.

The CNHX Company, an affiliate of CNEC, has undertaken all civil work of the NPP as the general contractor of civil work and the CNI23 Company has undertaken the installation work for those 2 units of the NPP as a primary contractor.

The construction work for unit 1 began on May 15th of 1997, and the installation on January 26th of 1999. After six years of hard work, the unit 1 began its commission on May 5th of 2002, 48 days ahead the schedule and unit 2 began its commission on January 8th of 2003, 66 days ahead the schedule.


National nuclear power construction team has completed all civil works and erection of the NPP with high quality as per management modes and high standard of international nuclear power construction, realizing the aim raised by ex-premier Li Peng “generation II for NPP technology shall be better than generation I”. The first critical of unit 2 has created a new record in the world for no shutdown as planned, which proved the reliable quality for the civil work and erection of the NPP.

Due to the commitment and great efforts of all constructors from the China Nuclear Engineering Corporation, the construction quality of Ling’ao NPP project has met all international standards and its high performance successfully proved that we also are capable of operating and managing the large scale commercial NPP in accordance of international standards.