CNEC Profile
Incorporated in 1999, CNEC is not only a key state-owned company, but also an investment institution and asset management unit authorized and approved by the State Council. The main responsibilities of CNEC are to undertake nuclear projects, national defense projects, nuclear power plants and other industries and civil project construction. And the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council has approved that the main businesses of CNEC were military projects, nuclear power projects, nuclear energy application, and nuclear engineering technology research in 2004.
CNEC has undertaken a large number of military construction works of science and technology related with national defense and has accumulated rich project technologies and management experience, which makes it possess special advantages in the fields of military and nuclear engineering with high standards for high-tech and sophisticated technology and security etc and become one of the main contractors for national defense and military project.
In nuclear power construction field, CNEC has efficiently accomplished the high-quality construction works of various reactors in China, such as pressurized water reactor, experimental fast breeder reactor, heavy water reactor. CNEC is capable of undertaking the construction works of various types of reactors with different capacities of 300MWe, 600MWe, 700MWe and 1000MWe. CNEC has completed construction works of Chashma NPP Phase I and Phase II in Pakistan and has possessed the capability for construction of advanced pressurized water reactor of AP1000 and EPR. Through engagement in nuclear power construction field for nearly 30 years, CNEC has undertaken the nuclear island construction tasks of all the in-service and on-going NPP projects in Mainland China and has established NPP construction management mode that is consistent with international advanced standards.
By integration of production and research, CNEC has developed businesses for nuclear energy application represented by high temperature gas cooled reactor and low temperature heating reactor, which promotes its key technology and business. CNEC now is positively developing nuclear technology service market so as to achieve the extension and upgrade of its nuclear construction industry chain. In addition, CNEC is also undertaking large civil engineering and environmental protection projects.

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